Thursday, 7 April 2011

Building Relationships

Thank you very much to Ange Barton ( who kindly awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award back last month. I can’t begin to tell you or her how surprised I was to receive it and therefore I will keep my responses short and snappy, as I tell you seven things about myself and then award others this accolade too.

1. I love to drive very very fast especially round a race track in a sports car!

2. I love photography but much prefer to be behind the lens holding the camera and taking the shots as quite frankly I dread being in front of it!

3. I’m currently revising my second novel and would love to see it published. So I’ve decided that April must be the month I dedicate to making sense of my Manuscript. My first novel languishes at the bottom of a drawer waiting to be reviewed and edited as it was meant to start life as a play and ended up as a book. (A few too many words for a play!)

4. Even now with a plan at hand a third novel is forming in my head and I find this both terribly infuriating yet wildly exciting, because I need to focus on one project at a time to give my fullest attention and not to ricochet off at another tangent! However I have written a draft outline for characters and a detailed mind map that captures the basic premise for this new story.

5. I have recently compiled an anthology of work for sixteen fellow authors of my writing group, and we have not secured funding yet so we may end up self-publishing as I can’t wait to see this volume of work in print. It represents the growth in our writing group.

6. When I was published in Dec 2009 by EtherBooks I nearly died happy! Honest.

7. If I could own anything in the world it would be a ‘Bluebell Woodland’ in England and I would create a wonderland walk for all to enjoy.

I've enjoyed reading and following lots of blogs, but sadly I can only choose a handful to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award. Here are some of my choices for the lovely blogs they've created and whom I've chosen to award, a ‘Stylish Blogger’ award.

Kay Sexton

Isabel Ashdown

Rebecca Emin

Catherine Miller

Rachel Carter

Claire Marriot


Rachel Lyndhurst

Penelope Young

Nik Perring


  1. I think this is a great way to get to know other authors and encourage them to continue with an award.

    I can't wait until you own a bluebell wood!! Can I bring a picnic when you do?

    Love Ange xx

  2. Congratulations on your award, Kay and thank you so much for putting my name on your list. I have to be honest I am a bit rubbish at finding the time to pass these awards on, but I really do appreciate it, it has been so lovely getting to know you recently. xx

  3. Thank you very much for passing that on, Kay, and for putting me amongst such good company!
    I shall swipe the award gratefully and think about my post over the next few days.
    Do I pass it on to a few people too?

  4. why is it that the "next" novel never wants to wait it's turn?