Thursday, 19 June 2014


Another day, another email pinged into my inbox!

Another piece of flash fiction has been accepted for the national flash fiction day of flash flood on Sat 21st June.

Delighted, yes to say I’m feeling thrilled is putting it mildly... that a second piece of my work has been accepted by the National flash fiction flood journal #nffd @nationalflashfd

I wrote: Adrenalin-rush from the perspective of an armchair spectator dreaming of owning and riding a Ducati motorbike, once she’s passes her motorbike test because until now she’s only ever ridden pillion.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

#amwriting paid off…

Or should that be #amsubmitting paid off!

It’s strange to think that around a month ago I mentioned that I had submitted my work (mostly short stories) to various competitions and I deliberately thought no more about these submissions until an email pinged into my inbox to let me know that my short story *Cherished* a flash fiction piece of 500 words, had been accepted.

I was elated.

The elation that comes with this acceptance is tempered by a lack of celebration on my part, because for the life of me, I can’t think how to celebrate this victory. I’m not sure what to treat to myself too…

Being typically British I’m not fabulous, well not yet, in the art of promoting myself. It still feels a tad arrogant to blow my own trumpet and stand up and say Hi- my work is over here- please look at my work, pretty please. However, if I don’t blow my own trumpet… how will anyone find my work?

I am ecstatic and a little overwhelmed (all at the same time) to be included with so many other writers, and it’s lovely that some of them are familiar to me: @NikPerrin @taniahershman & @Sarah_hilary who I’ve met through Twitter.

Naturally this anthology: ‘Eating my words,’ excites me as it is goes into print on Saturday 21th June as well as a Kindle version, available now from Amazon.

‘Eating my words’ will be the 3rd annual anthology from National Flash-Fiction Day #nffd @nationalflashfd

So my thanks to Calum Kerr and Angela for all their hard work in pulling this together this year anthology.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


In the morning I sit by my window with a cup of tea and look out across the garden. The Sambuca is in flower.

It's raining outside and the temperature has turned cooler not the gorgeous summers day I was hoping it might be. The rain is heavy, good rain that falls straight.

A bird took off from the rooftop across the way. It faltered, stuttered like a car engine on a cold morning before this bird founds its rhythm in flight and that got me thinking- is it harder for a bird to fly in the rain… than normal dry conditions?

Truthfully I don't know the answer, to this question I pose, off the top of my head but I shall investigate.

My short story writing has gone off course this week... so I'm just going to keep fighting. It doesn't matter if I win this battle, just keep fighting to win the war or as little Dory in Disney’s Nemo said: ‘Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we ... When you want to swim you want to swim. ... You think you can do these things…

Keep swimming, just keep swimming and more on swimming laters.