Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The #aros pebbles keep rollin...

No ordinary days, acres of blue cloudless horizons fill with glinting aeroplanes flying trials that criss cross this high domed sky

Red lip-lined clouds glow poker orange hot, seal the sky goodnight with a dying kiss as the sun sets behind the distant horizon

At the waters edge, the swans glide by with effortless ease, graceful, unperturbed they make their way home, no signets in tow.

A sky filled with dying embers of the day, glows reflected sunlight, burns more brightly before fading, turns to nightfall & oblivion

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My #aros challenge pebbles...

Tucked beneath a thick fleecy blanket a full moon glows, peeps out like an eager child waiting to hear the end of its bedtime story

Dark clouds smudged with charcoal, bleak and foreboding, a perfect backdrop to set a dazzling double rainbow

The heaviness of the rain as its pelts the tarmac sends the droplets bouncing back upwards, forming bubbles that float across puddles

As the sun dips before it’s sets elongated golden shadows fan out across the lawn, a concertina of pleats, pillars of light & dark

Swallows soar high on undetectable thermals, dive down to chase invisible elements, an ecstatic roller coaster ride & then they swoop

In awe, a kingdom at my feet a grand vista drops from Hogs back ridge, a wide landscape of fields & forests this scene hooks my breath
With ease & grace this summer demonstrates its richness & glory, vibrance & abundance, a spectacular & colourful exhibition

Breathtaking sunset: glorious glistening golden stripes strung thru the vast horizon as the sun sinks beneath mulberry coloured clouds

Finches swoop, admiral butterfly too, a glut of electric blue damselflies & a jamboree of dragonflies skim my pond’s surface, partying

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A few more pebbles that will form my ‘river of stones’ for #aros this month

Translucent willow leaves lit by a fading sun, drip like chandelier jewels a magnificent brief display, wind picks up & lights dim.

A flurry of activity as butterflies arrive, a frenzied flight I watch as they vie for position a boisterous search for nectar.

Sibling rivalry: a lack of communication, a misunderstanding, a falling out, tears, eldest wins looks sheepish I scoop up hug youngest.

Ferocious sea, full of energy, cement grey with white topped waves roars in excitement keen to reach shore, share, spend its load.

My sky blushes a soft reddening glow that blooms as the moon fades from view, the early morning summer sun unwraps the darkness.

From hedgerow to fields a hillside knitted together, a fertile tapestry of colour, richly entwined and embroider the earth’s surface.

Friday, 8 July 2011

'a few more' - a river of stones project

As promised I am posting my stones for the ‘river of stones project’

The smell of summer rain on the air, the promise of a cooling drenching moment, I run outside, capture those precious raindrops

Ancient byways carved through muddy lanes, steep banks held in place by twisted tree roots allow me passage along sacred routes

Trees bend their arched boughs & stretch across to touch tips, form a tunnel of luscious greenery and shield me from the harsh sunlight

A smudged scene of distant hills blurred by summer heat haze, indistinct a view out of shape, their glory veiled remains secluded


Monday, 4 July 2011

A river of stones:

July’s blog is going to be slightly different as I have decided to do ‘#aros’ on twitter. This is a project: ‘a river of stones’ and each day I have to focus on one thing and write about it.

If I have grasped the idea fully I basically notice one thing each day, write a brief description of it, and how I relate to it. My stone will be a short sentence. Each day I will post my tweet and then once a week I’ll post these daily tweets here on my blog as a record of my activity. By doing it this way I am limiting myself to less than 140 characters! I feel slightly uncomfortable doing this as it is out of my comfort zone, as I’m not entirely certain I get the concept yet but I’m gonna’ have a stab at it, wish me luck!

Thrush explores garden, finds wrought iron rocking chair & hops on arm, jumps between the arms, back & forth, back & forth…playing

A breath of wind & the petals dance on the breeze, heads held high as a hillside reveals the hint of a red hue, a carpet of poppies

Small yet delicate a cabbage white skitters over the lawn searches for nectar, settles, spreads open its wings & sunbathes

The tide’s out, the river banks clay revealed naked and exposed glistens in the afternoon sunshine, its slippery smooth surface smiles

And sadly how ever hard I try to load up the logo for this project, I've failed! I'm just not savvy enough...