Monday, 4 July 2011

A river of stones:

July’s blog is going to be slightly different as I have decided to do ‘#aros’ on twitter. This is a project: ‘a river of stones’ and each day I have to focus on one thing and write about it.

If I have grasped the idea fully I basically notice one thing each day, write a brief description of it, and how I relate to it. My stone will be a short sentence. Each day I will post my tweet and then once a week I’ll post these daily tweets here on my blog as a record of my activity. By doing it this way I am limiting myself to less than 140 characters! I feel slightly uncomfortable doing this as it is out of my comfort zone, as I’m not entirely certain I get the concept yet but I’m gonna’ have a stab at it, wish me luck!

Thrush explores garden, finds wrought iron rocking chair & hops on arm, jumps between the arms, back & forth, back & forth…playing

A breath of wind & the petals dance on the breeze, heads held high as a hillside reveals the hint of a red hue, a carpet of poppies

Small yet delicate a cabbage white skitters over the lawn searches for nectar, settles, spreads open its wings & sunbathes

The tide’s out, the river banks clay revealed naked and exposed glistens in the afternoon sunshine, its slippery smooth surface smiles

And sadly how ever hard I try to load up the logo for this project, I've failed! I'm just not savvy enough...


  1. What a neat project! I really like your creations - very poetic. Best of luck with this challenge. You are doing a great job so far.

  2. Sylvia, Thank you for leaving an encouraging comment just what I needed to spur me on, I hope the rest turn out as good. Kindest regards Kay