Tuesday, 27 May 2014

F1 a tough challenge for one man

For those of you that know me here...I love Formula 1 and this year formula one rules have dramatically changed.

There have been many mechanical changes that have resulted in Vettel, a four times world champion struggling to compete.

How is that possible?

He can't simply forget how to drive as Vettel is an expert formula one driver. Yes, he can be arrogant and last year was a much disliked driver but that doesn't explain his loss of position.

When we write our characters we have to get inside their minds. Think as they do… so what’s happening in Vettel's head?

Mark Webber was replaced this season by Daniel Ricardo. Did Vettel believe this would give him the upper hand again over the new boy, a younger Australian with a happy disposition and apparently relaxed manner.

Schumacher is Vettel’s fellow countryman and an absent race driver, who is still in intensive care in a coma, could this be troubling our out-of-sorts-champion?

Red Bull should be running two identical or at least incredibly similar cars, set to each drivers preferences, so why does Ricardo’s car run visibly better than his team mates? I for one don’t have this answer.

What has happened in Vettel's head.

For a head strong arrogant man he appears frustrated, bowed and lost. Can he cope with the changes that have occurred? Could it be that changing his driving style is too tough for him?

His frustration is tangible as each race goes wrong.

And then this year each driver chose a number, their personal driving number which they will keep for their driving life. Hamilton chose 77

Vettel chose number 5 but drives with No 1 on the hood of his race car because he's the champion.

So I wonder does this irony get lost on our no 1 champ as he falls further and further behind with each race. This weekend he did not even complete at Monaco. His season is almost over. There is no way he can fight his way back to the top of the leader board despite his remarkable ability.

Truthfully I've can’t say that I like Vettel but I do have a huge respect for his driving skill set and yes he has my sympathy, nothing is going right for the blue eyed, blond haired hero and he must be wondering what he can do to regain his prowess.

Vettel has a tough challenge ahead of him.

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