Saturday, 21 March 2015

Holy Cows

This morning over a cup of coffee I saw cows, perhaps bullocks, charge down a narrow track into a wide open expanse of a lush green field. A full on stampede ensued across the breadth of the fresh meadow grass until herded into the furthest corner they turned en masse and charged back across the field to where the farmer stood and had let them loose.

The chase was on as groups of cows ran one way then another, it was definitely a special spring equinox day, hooves were flicked and kicked high, a few galloped almost as fast as thoroughbred race horses.

Others gambolled along the hedgerow, and a few turned into pogo cows boing-ing about the place on fully wound up springs.

As the skipping and jumping continued a few locked horns, well lowered heads and playfully butted each other before suddenly splintering off to charge in different directions. It wasn't a contest or a hostile act, more an acknowledgement or introduction- so this is what you do in a big green field after being locked up in a barn all winter.

Once the high jinx had run their course all heads lowered to the ground to munch the fresh greens on offer.

It's gone quiet in the field now, no more a crescendo of hooves on semi packed earth. There was a definite sense of new found freedom in the air this morning as these lovely creatures thundered down the track and I feel very privileged to have witnessed this small event.

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