Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A good day in our house

Yesterday was a good day in our house. Actually on reflection it was a great day! C made it in to college, hair, make up & no one would suspect anything was wrong with her.

Not only did C make it in college but she sat one of her exams too, alone in a quiet spot. I can’t fault her college, in fact I shall be forever grateful to them (explain later) last week we submitted a doctors note for a missed exam, and have no idea how that will work out.

After her exam she caught up with a few friends, this is important because college will break up in a few days and friends she made last year will disappear into the university world.

C gets left behind as she battles her illness and works so damn hard to secure her A levels.

When I picked up from college she was happy, animated. We managed to stop at a small store, she got treats and then onwards to a GP appointment. And then she stopped.

Parked herself on the sofa and stayed. Fed and watered she watched catch up TV with me before retiring to bed. Like I said – yesterday was a good day.

Today however is a different matter...

C’s college took a huge gamble in Sept 2013.

I wrote explaining that she had little formal education due to illness. She had not attended school from 13-19! An interview was arranged, they met her, liked her and they accepted her application.

She started college in Sept 2013, three science A levels with no foundation in any of these subjects. She’s bright. She struggles. She loves every second. At first we both thought she was on the up, that she’d conquered her #ME but as the terms progressed it became painfully evident that assumption we had both made was wrong.

Each day is a battle.

Every day she makes an extreme effort.

Exams are based on being fit & able, these 'A' level exams are not easy for someone who has an invisible illness, nor a formal education. The exam timetable is as she puts it... 'is at the arse crack of dawn…’

If all her exams could be afternoon based she stand a better chance of making it into college to sit them.



#ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

#CFS – Chronic fatigue syndrome

#SEID Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disorder – new diagnostic criteria

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  1. I read your post with a heavy heart. ME is such a debilitating illness, not only for the sufferer but also their family. I wish you all well and truly hope that C eventually conquers this awful illness and finds a happier future. Much love. xx