Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A farewell kiss.. (unedited)

Being brave...just letting my words fall on the page.

sometimes there are things
that we didn't realize we miss

until a sudden flash of memory
recalls the reassuring sound of the sea rolling in

and then there are people we miss
the people we want to hear from again

a need to see you in person
yet there's nothing I can do to return this loved one to my presence

perhaps a good memory can flood our body with a satisfactory moment
to fill that longing and desire

but that's never as rewarding as the close physical embrace
when arms wrap around warm bodies pulling each loved one nearer
as if drawing them within the whole

missing him

missing her

missing them

missing from my life

missing from your life

missing from theirs

but what is it I am needing you ask?

or to hear you laugh again...

a laugh tinged with excitement
to hear my own laughter respond with joy

that moment of unbridled happiness when two people share ecstasy
when their lives sync

to know with certainty that the one place I want to be is close to you
to do nothing in particular accept enjoy each others company

never be sorry for sharing happiness
never be sorry for spreading joy

knowing that your smile hides secrets
that have hidden depths

and once revealed
there's pleasure to be experienced

remembering a farewell kiss
and longing to see you
once more

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