Friday, 6 May 2011

A View to Die for?

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’

I went to visit a friend last night and I’d been to her new house during the winter months and sat by the roaring log fire with a glass of wine. So when I arrived I wasn’t quite prepared for the view!

Truly it was the most breath taking view I’ve seen in awhile, perhaps because it was so unexpected. Just Spectacular! I parked and then stood still, stunned... ‘you never mentioned the view…’

The house faces south to south-west at the top of a prominent hill. And I was looking, open mouthed, transfixed by a 180 degree view of the South Downs: unbelievably beautiful, the sun was setting. This is it, paradise.

The view was irresistible so I sat on the patio with a glass of wine and just scanned the panorama as the sun faded. Whilst I sat there I heard my first Cuckoo of this spring and I heard a woodpecker hard at work, rat tat tatting. It is a memory that I have stored for future reference.

Anytime my friend needs a house sitter I shall be there… I doubt I will get much writing done, but I will be watching the view.

Try to find a moment that allows you to lock away a memory, that magic moment.


  1. You definitely should have (perhaps politely) TAKEN A PICTURE FOR US! I'm sure she would have let you...if you explained that it was for your blog fans, lol. I'm only joking. Great blog :)

  2. I'll let you into a secret... I did! But here's the rub I can't (don't know how) to upload from phone! Shocking revelation I know, and am aiming to improve my technophobia's but I'm learning so much at mo with new iPad2 that brain is on overload

  3. Hi Kay

    I had to laugh that you couldn't upload from your mobile! Neither can I! The thing is, it's probably quite easy, so let's make a deal. We'll both learn in the next week, okay?

    I do love those special moments that imprint on your memory. I have one each for my children when they were babies. Rose in my arms in the back garden, Jack on my shoulder as a tiny baby and Luke stretching on the bath mat before I put him in the baby bath. They are ALL 6ft now, so I'm glad I've tucked those memories away!

    I'm looking forward to reading the story you introduce the cuckoo and woodpecker!

    Love Ange xx

  4. A good view can always take your breath away can't it. The beautifulness of this, our mother earth.

  5. Beautiful post!
    I especially loved the opening quote!

  6. Oh, yes. Only shame is you don't have a photo to share on your blog. But always treasure those views.