Monday, 27 June 2011

Perspective is everything:

I am blessed because I have five nieces which is great for me because I don’t have a daughter. They all have their own quirks and personal idiosyncrasies yet they are all quite like me. What fascinates me is that they are very individual girls and no two are close to being the same, despite having similar family backgrounds and upbringings. And the other reason I know I’m lucky is that I get to play with them part time and then send them home, it’s bliss.

One of the younger ones: very sweet, clever and manipulative from an early age, tumbling brunette locks and a brilliant smile with a quick witted mind. I was impressed and terrified all in the same breath because at the tender age of three and a half she knew exactly how to manipulate situations to achieve her aims. She was adept!

I was looking after her one day (school was closed) when she stood quite still in my kitchen and covered her eyes with her hands and in a high pitched sing-song voice announced: ‘you can’t see me Auntie Kay, I’m invisible!’

It was tough trying not to burst out and collapse into a heap of giggles… the innocence of her remark caught me completely off guard. But I shall not forget it… because it was a wonderful lesson in perspective. As far as she was concerned I could not see her because she could not see me. If only it was that simple in real life… or when I’m writing, perhaps I need to keep my perspective.

How do you keep your perspective when your writing as your main character? Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi Kay

    My dog does that when she's being told off. She closes her eyes!! So funny.

    I tend to write an A4 page about each of my main characters. Just notes, but it reminds me what their likes and dislikes are, their idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, etc. I've had a charachter tucking into a steak meal when I'd developed her as a vegetarian!! Notes are good.

    Ange xx