Monday, 1 August 2011

These are the last of my #aros stones:

I completed the #aros challenge last month, *whoo hoo* these are the last of my stones:

A horse & gig clip-clop along the tarmac, double white lines & a blind bend hinder my progress, no chance to overtake I travel slower

The heaviness of the rain as its pelts the tarmac sends droplets bouncing upwards, forming bubbles that float across puddles

Mirror flat the waters reflections turn my world upside down, a reverse image that looks alarmingly real yet I know to be false

Heavy rain driven up the road, an incoming tide blown on by a stiff breeze, it forms a small stream that runs into an artificial lake

I’ve given myself a small pat on the back because I’m pleased that I managed to finish this challenge and enjoy the process. I hope you enjoyed reading them too.

Can’t believe it’s August!

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