Sunday, 21 August 2011

Writing progress is slow?

It’s funny but I’m beginning to realise that sometimes I’m quite hard on myself and feel that I have not achieved very much with my writing. And then I make myself write a list and realise that subconsciously I have been working towards a single goal from many angles. So what did I achieve this/last week?

• I submitted my first #SampleSunday: ‘Adrenalin-rush’ on Twitter via my Blog
• I edited John’s work
• I edited Mike’s work (They edit my work in return, which I find invaluable)
• I reviewed two chapters of my novel based on edit comments rec’d.
• I wrote a brand new short story that desperately needs a good title and a final edit
• I read ‘Bread Alone’ by Judith R Hendricks
• I am reading and writing a review for a friend’s new book
(I owe a couple of other reviews too for books that I’ve recently finished.)
• I bought 2 books no - 21 actually! - I buy second hand childrens books for my niece &
nephew as English is their second language. Really looking forward to reading, ‘How to
train your Dragon!’
• I downloaded six free classics to my iPad for summer reading ‘when I have a moment’
mostly Austen & Brontës.
• I watched the Blind Side (listening to dialogue tunes in the ear. There are some lines
in this film that, damn I wish I’d thought of them first…)
• I wrote today’s blog entry
• I read other peoples blogs via my twitter feed and promoted the interesting ones
• And finally I wrote my aunt a family letter

And there I was thinking that I hadn’t done any writing!

But it dawned on me while I was writing this post that I have (unintentionally) stopped submitting my work and perhaps that’s why I think I’m not writing enough.

So as August draws to a close and merges into September I have to bite the bullet and start to submit my work for publication, again. Perhaps enter a competition or two… and find a new platform or outlet for some of my short stories.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

If anyone, especially those of you who write, has bright ideas on how they track their personal progress I’d love to hear them, it would be nice to know if other writers are as haphazard in their approach to writing as I am or more focused and dedicated and how they achieve this goal.

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  1. As an adult who loves books, I loved the design, the layout, the production values of "How To Train Your Dragon," i.e. the book as a physical object, but I couldn't finish reading it. The story, the characters, I just couldn't care about them, so I left them behind. I have never seen the movie; maybe I would like it better, I don't know. After you read it, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.