Friday, 23 September 2011

Do you sit and think before you write?

Or do you just rush in, let the words fall on to paper and worry about where you’re story is going later on?

For me: I can do either method, however it can depend on whether an idea has been rumbling in my head and I have allowed it to grow organically or if I have overheard a comment that triggers an immediate reaction that begins a specific thought process. When this happens I have to capture the moment as fast as I can otherwise it may be lost to me forever.

Not everything I write makes sense to me at first. Sometimes I’m not even be certain of its relevance as to whether it is a future piece of something that is incomplete or perhaps so remote that it could by a tortuous means be related to the current novel.

Its like today, it’s not been a good day so far as I’ve had a couple of nasty little shocks, like discovering I have high blood pressure, which is not good news and by the way how the heck did that happen? But that’s another story for another day!

There is a new challenge set by @RachaelHarrie (Twitter) and it is specific

When I first saw the challenge yesterday I thought, 'oh heck that’s me off the hook, I’m not doing that…' but the little grey cells have been quietly whirring around in the background and I know something is forming – it would never have happened without this set of triggers: ‘miasma, lacuna, synchronicity, oscitate, mirror, & imago in the title and I don’t where it’s going to end up yet but I have an idea brewing.

So for me, on this occasion I’m going to sit down and have a long think before I write my 200 word challenge.

Hope your enjoying the Second Campaigner Challenge too...
Good luck

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