Friday, 2 December 2011

The 'Magic' in my day

I often sit and wonder at the beauty of the day. This morning is no exception. The day dawned dull and full of despondent clouds. A few hours on and it has cleared to reveal an ice blue sky, a crisp chill in the air and sunshine. The sun creates its own magic as the fence at the end of my garden begins to steam, soft tendrils of curly-cue smoke drift on a lazy upward spiral… in no rush to be released to vanish into the ether. For me this is magical, that an almost transparent mist can rise and vanish before it is seen, and if I had not paid attention to the small things then I would have missed its beauty. But enough of my mesmerised daydreaming I have chores that need attention, but next tea break I’ll sit by the window and watch the view change.

Did you experience a Magic moment today?

1 comment:

  1. It sounds beautiful. I love clear blue skies when the air is crispy cold.

    My magic moment today was finding a wonderful old bookstore I could lose myself in forever.