Wednesday, 30 November 2011

One week’s worth of thankfulness:

It has been a quiet week for me but these are a few of little things I've been thankful for:

I'm grateful for everything I have and for still being here to enjoy it!

At the end of each day I take time to reflect and remember what was good about my day. (Spending time with a loved one that I don't see very often & having a good heart to heart chat.)

No act of kindness is too small an act.

My creativity continues to thrive as I aim to commit my ideas to paper.

If you witness a kindness in action - does it lift your spirit? It does for me.

The sound of small feet running across the floor, as next door’s two year old races round their house with gusto – love it

A girlfriend getting in touch by text, after a long absence, I'm so glad we are still friends, *can’t wait to meet up and chat* #ThingsImThankfulFor

In the run up to Christmas everything and everyone seems to get more frantic... so any tips to reduce the 'Franticness' would be welcomed.

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