Monday, 12 March 2012

Declaring an unhealthy obsession

I think it may be time to declare this obsession, as I have just carried 45 hard back Recipe books upstairs!

The cookery books had to be moved as part of my spring cleaning effort and having just made six or seven trips upstairs carrying them; I can declare that they are mighty heavy tomes, so I’ve been healthy, weight lifting combined with a natural cardio vascular work out!

I love books!

I love reading recipe books!

I love pawing over the perfect pictures of cakes, and sumptuous meals!

And some the cookery authors write with a mouth watering temptation that casts me under their spell.

What’s even worse is there are more recipe books that I lust after, to own… what is a girl to do?

So maybe I am going to be brave and cull some of them from my collection. Did I really just type those words here?

My hearts skips, runs into an irregular rhythm just at the thought of this shocking idea, as it is none too pleasing a prospect! But I have a plan as I have an e-reader too.

I do not think my e-reader will ever replace my unhealthy obsession with owning books but maybe some of the recipe books that work more like reference books I could check out if there is a kindle version.

Dispose of the hard copy (suddenly I feel faint!) and utilise the space on my iPad as a library for the books I’ve read & loved but no longer need to own a physical copy. (I recover from my fainting fit.)

Do you think this would work? Allow me the benefit of both options: adopting the electronic age whilst hanging on to the old hard back and paper back versions too?

The bookshelf is quite naturally groaning under the weight of these volumes and they have released a significant space on the kitchen work surface… but then I have books in every room of the house except one!


  1. Kay, I so know where you are coming from...
    Recently, I decided to 'cull' my collection of both cookery books and paperbacks.

    Every time a charity bag arrives, which is frequently here, I throw a few in, but I mainly get rid of the paperbacks at my writing group.

    Each week I take a couple and give them away. It actually makes me feel liberated! De-junking is good for the soul.

    I thought I would never love the Kindle for reading fiction, but have made the switch easily. I no longer buy paperbacks.

    Haven't made the switch over with my cookery books though - maybe I need an Ipad before I do that...

  2. Hi Kay,
    I have loads of recipe books on a bookshelf in the kitchen and love flicking through them when I get a spare moment. I've only used a handful of recipes from most of them (which I return to) and there are some which I've looked at but never used. I can't bear to throw them away especially if they're a present from someone special. One benefit I can think of with electronic versions would be the ability to search for a recipe as I can never remember which recipes are in which books!