Friday, 9 March 2012

Twitter – why bother?

Just over a year ago I was recommended to join Twitter. I corpsed (with laughter) at the suggestion. You had to be there to understand that this comment tickled me pink because I mean, ‘who would want to follow me?’

Now I’m very glad that I did not make some stupid comment like ‘I’ll eat my hat’ seeing as I have to say that Twitter has been a huge success as far as I’m concerned. I’ve met some very nice like minded people who are usually only to happy to assist with enquiries, queries or generally give moral support, when required.

Why would that be important?

For those of you who like me, write… and have chosen to share your writing with a wider audience, will know that it can a be a lonely experience, filled with niggling doubts about how good or bad your writing is at a given moment of uncertainity.

The encouragement that I receive from people who follow me on Twitter means that I get feedback and for me I intereprt this as a reassurance that I am on the right path, because other people reading my tweets get me and this helps to bolster my self confidence when it and if it flags.

I have always known that I can’t please all the people at the time, which would be an impossible task. However if I can please some of the people some to the time then I think I’m on to a winning formula.

To those of you who have not yet ventured out in to this internet world of Twitter and would like to give it a whirl - I have these recommendations:

1. Decide what you want to achieve before entering the Twitterverse.
2. Be present frequently enough to gain confidence.
3. Talk to like minded folk and make a connection.
4. If you don’t try you won’t know what can be gained from this Internet relationship.
5. Follow people who you find intersting and like.
6. Don’t follow back people you don’t like. (Check out the tone of their tweets.)
7. It’s not about how many followers you gain.
8. It’s about following the people you enjoy, those that offer something you want.
9. If there is something you don’t understand, then ask you will be surprised how many people may stop by and offer assistance.
10. Think pink and fluffy thoughts.
11. Be kind and play nice.
12. Enjoy it! (And if you don’t find it addictive, then this isn’t the social media platform for you.)

There are others platforms you may adapt to better than this fast interactive environment.

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