Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Harry the Gent

Goodwood Revival is over for another and I’m uncertain whether to laugh or cry. It was fabulous fun. And attention to detail at Goodwood is legendary.

Whilst Charlie & I sat down for a cup of tea at the ‘NAFFI’ café, we had the pleasure of meeting Harry Gent, local spiv and gentleman friend who could and would procure all manner of goodies.

"You never never forget when you've done business with a Gent!"

Surreptitiously he opened his battered briefcase to reveal a glimpse of black market stockings. This furtive gesture led us into a conversation about coupons for petrol and other valued items.

"...stockings, petrol coupons and real eggs...not powdered!"

I laughed so hard during this brief encounter that I’m not sure how I managed to hold the camera still to get this shot.

His cigarette lit up with every inward breath, quite a relief as no smoking is allowed at Goodwood.

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