Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nostalgic thoughts

The nostalgia for passed eras is invoked at Goodwood Revival with spectacular success. The event is extremely well staged and on occasion it feels as if you have wandered onto a film set as an extra!
Spectators go to enormous lengths to ensure that their period outfit is correct in every detail. Sometimes it’s hard to photograph them in amongst the crowd and often people approach and ask to that a photo. This is how we end up with an array of individuals who have dresses splendidly and sometimes I worry that my photographs don’t do them justice.
There was no time to shop this year. Can you believe that? Well it’s true. There wasn’t. We walked. And I mean walked miles, back and forth, with the crowd and alone. Often at a casual stroll taking in all the sights especially the cars.

If there’s one thing you need for Goodwood, apart from stamina, it is comfortable shoes.

Last year I sat and watched the racing. This year I devoured the site and explored all the areas which resulted in me missing the racing! (Shame on me) and not seeing the expensive crashes!! Motor racing is dangerous but that is part of the attraction.

Tea was in short supply; queues were lengthy, sustenance was required to revive my flagging stamina.

Next year it has to be a three day pass. With a grandstand seat too. So that I can break down this enormous event into manageable sections, with one day dedicated to photography. The cars are really the stars!

And I think I’d like a few more shots with a few less spectators, unless there are in period dress.

I’ve no idea how I managed to drive home after the event. I was exhausted. Happy. Can’t wait for next year... not that I’m wishing away time.

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  1. Wow! This looks amazing. I knew of someone who went for the racing, but i m yet to catch up with him to get his take on the day.

    I like you pictures!