Friday, 14 December 2012

Have I fallen out of love with writing...?

I appear to have reached a strange impasse…and I’m not sure why or how this has happened, but I appear to have stopped writing fiction. I wondered if any of my fellow writers felt the same?

And I have to say this does feel quite curious, because writing has been part of my daily routine for the past four years. I’m writing this blog post to see if I’m alone in my new condition at this point in my writing career or is this ‘normal’- if one is able to determine what normal is?

Recently I’ve written a good number of long letters to close family and friends in the run up to Christmas and I’m focused on some course work which requires me to think and write, but all of this has to be fact, not fiction or my imaginings.

For some inexplicable reason my desire to write fiction and the need to share this work appears to have evaporated along with the warmth from the missing winter sun.
And curiously I’m really not sure why.

Maybe I’m entering a new phase of my life…

I’m feeling much better within my own body and I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve lost thirty pounds in weight since my operation last year, and perhaps as I’m feeling physically very renewed maybe my personal needs to write have shifted? Especially now that I’m becoming more active and less inclined to sit still and write.

However the other day I discovered the iPhone 4s will record dictation and convert and email my thoughts to me, so maybe all is not lost yet as I get more active.

Any thoughts, advice or opinions on my predicament would be welcomed


  1. I doubt you have fallen out of love with writing, maybe you just need the break. It sounds as though you are still doing brilliantly well. Congratulations on the weight loss!
    I'd be inclined to just say go with it for a while and see what happens. I imagine you will one day wake up to find your mind bursting with some fresh idea's and so many you can't keep up.

    1. Hi Rebecca I do hope you're right and thank you for mt retweet

  2. Hello Kay,

    I know where you are coming from...I am struggling to write fiction. I'm seriously considering a switch to non fiction for a while.

    Although I don't feel well and that may have some bearing on things.

    Great effort on weight loss, and I would go with the flow...

    1. Hi Maria, I've decided to do blog spots until the desire returns and maybe read more...perhaps a rest is good. Time will tell.