Saturday, 26 April 2014

#amwriting again

I am writing again, getting back in the swing of things and Phew that’s a relief

I have to thank the lovely Ange Barton @angebarton for nominating me to accept: ‘Pass-the-baton’ and encourage me to get back into my writing.

I stopped writing around six months ago when I became distracted by a bright shiny new project that took all my energy and absorbed my creative talents in a different area. I got to choose colours and design new layouts, pick fittings and furniture as I refurbished a one bedroom flat into an urban oasis of calm.

This tired, grubby flat which had alarming holes in the ceiling, has been transformed! I was undeterred by the random holes; and now they are a distant memory.

Today the flat has a warm, welcoming feel to it (a new heating system was installed); it has a lovely modern kitchen with whacky appliances that I’ve not read the manuals for or used yet.

And the once soulless bathroom is unrecognizable. It is a windowless room, not something I’m keen about but there had to be a compromise and this was it. Strange but since the revamp I hardly notice that there is no window, no external light, it’s so bright and clean now.

There are still a few jobs to be done and other creative tasks that I will enjoy. I’ve resurrected my old Singer sewing machine and discovered that I can still sew straight lines. Phew. The practice I put in many years ago, it seems, is deeply embedded. This came as a terrific surprise.

So here I’m back at my pc waffling my way across a blank page, hitting the keys one at a time (with wonky fingers) hoping that what I’ve written makes sense!

I write because I want to get the ideas out of my head and on to paper.
I write because I think I have something to say and record.
I write because I enjoy writing.

By accepting this challenge I wanted to regain my focus so I promised myself
Firstly: to join a new writing group.
Secondly: to write a blog article twice a week.
Thirdly: to be kind to myself.

I accepted the baton on 21st April. On 22nd I joined a new writing group- I’ll write about this next week. Yesterday, 23rd I had a stab at writing a blog article, which I posted, phew and yes I’m being kind to myself. And I wrote a brand new piece this morning so I'm feeling good.

Over the coming days I will need to select another writer to pass the baton too and I’ve no idea if it’s breaking with tradition by asking: but are there any volunteers to accept the baton?

This question when voiced in a class usually meets with silence…prove me wrong…

As I have to pass the baton by 27th

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  1. Hi Kay
    How fantastic that you've joined a writing group! I'll look out for your next post because I've just written one about my writing group. I get so much from it and it encourages me to learn and continue with my dream.
    Ange xx