Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Formula One v Rounded characters

For those of you that know me... I love Formula 1 it’s a sporting event I’ve always loved.

If anyone watched last weekends Grand Prix, for the first time, in China- they could be forgiven for being unimpressed. It was a rather subdued affair. Uneventful to say the least.

How do I know this?

The Brazilian Grand Prix (two weeks ago) had me shouting instructions and yelling ‘abuse’ at the television. That race was absorbing, frightening, packed with action. Gripping stuff. I find I always support my favourite racing driver and curse the anti-hero!

This weekend I could have multi-tasked and read a book rather than actually watch the race but I didn’t, I remained steadfast and watched the event unfold, to its final chequered flag.

My hero is Lewis Hamilton.

I find his passion for his profession fascinating. He won his first world championship at the tender age of 23, and now he’s a seasoned driver who has not won since 2008 and he has a habit of saying what he thinks and wearing his heart on his sleeve. If he’s having a good day we can tell by his facial expressions and when he’s not we can read his body language. He’s not good at hiding his feelings. And he speaks his mind. None of this should distract from his amazing ability.

The reason I find Formula One so alluring is because a race is action packed and can often reflect the ups and downs in writing, because there is always tension between drivers (characters), team mates (protagonists) and rival companies (antagonists). Each events ends differently.

On race days the drama unfolds rapidly and can without warning spiral in to a frightening turn; especially if there is a collision or an accident, and the safety car comes into play. Hopes, dreams and aspirations can suddenly dissolve.

The most famous drivers can be seen as rounded characters and well known to the public and fans or less known drivers might appear to be slightly flat.

The side issues this year may distract fans from what’s going on, on the track because the rules have changed significantly and this has shaken up the pack, what we once thought to be certain has been turned this event on its head and 2014 promises to be a fascinating year ahead.

No two races will be the same.

Dramas will unfold.

Rivalries will continue develop.

F1 is not to be missed…Come & join track side and see for yourself…

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