Thursday, 9 October 2014

Change one small thing

Well my writing has been a bit hit and miss over the past three months, and recently I asked myself what would happen if, I could change one small thing.

My hair has been my crowning glory (vain I know, but honest) and often once it’s freshly washed I can’t bear the idea of going swimming, you see swimming is all about the hair.

A little under twelve weeks ago I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and this news came out of left field. No one in the family has this condition as far as I know. So its diagnosis came as a surprise.

I had ceased up so much, I went out to buy a walking stick, because I was uncertain where my legs were under my hips. I felt insecure every time I stood and then tried to walk!

As I handled the elegant walking cane with an exquisite carved handle I began to think differently and question if this device was what I really wanted. To be seen leaning on a walking stick, needing support… the stick was replaced and wasn’t purchased.

Instead I came home and put on my swim suit and took myself off to the local pool. My timing was perfect, my hair was ready to be washed so it didn’t matter or need consideration.

Since that day I’ve been going swimming twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays to keep my hair-washing time to a minimum, seriously I’m not joking. I’ve been lucky to use a Hydro pool too and have physiotherapy regularly.

The improvement in my whole body has been tremendous. I still need to monitor how long I sit, especially when I sit to write at my computer… or reading and driving too because if I sit too long I can barely stand on rising. It can be quite a scary feeling to be that insecure, when my limbs don’t work as expected.

I’ve also change my attitude towards food which has been reviewed and heavily edited as I’ve investigated anti-inflammatory foods which I’ve readily adopted into every day meals as I’m certain that activity (the right sort) and good food will go along way to reducing the pain from the Osteoarthritis. So far so good.

I’m off to the pool this morning and now considering buying a swimming hat…one like Ester Williams used to wear? Perhaps…but have you seen how expensive they are? I’d really like a swim hat that’s a wig all neatly coiffured.

What would happen if you I could change one small thing?

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