Friday, 26 September 2014

#Seenwhiledriving: Random thoughts...

Today’s observation whilst driving because I spend far too much time stuck in traffic, journeying back and forth to college as a taxi and to wile away the minutes I take in what’s going on around me.

Lorries great big lorries with wide expanses of space and very little advertising, today I saw a lorry from my old town. I’d never heard of the company and its name and livery gave nothing away. I was none the wiser. So I’m curious, do companies missing a trick here, could they advertise better?

And then there’s lorries bearing hieroglyphics that I can’t read or decipher but the curly bulbous lettering have me intrigued. For all I know it could say: driven by a giggling squid.

But what do I know… perhaps lorries aren't allowed to advertise 'too heavily' and if I spoke foreign languages perhaps I could have a good stab at translating these foreign letters that I find intriguing.

What do you see from your car window that intrigues you whilst you drive to and fro?

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