Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Struggling - Writing a tough chapter

Yesterday, I managed to achieve my goal!

Write a really tough chapter. It was one that needed me to get deep into my character and I’m very glad it’s done, down on paper now, because I can breathe easy and stop thinking thorough a tough but relevant scenario.

My character strangles his wife. He didn’t mean too - in a blind rage, it was an act of madness that consumed him. And I’m glad to report that he didn’t kill her. But he knows he has gone too far, scared the hell out of himself. Terrified his wife. He is full of remorse but does he know he has done irreparable damage to their marriage and destroyed their relationship. This is a possible new lead to follow but I haven’t written this yet. How can he fix things? Is it even possible?

I ask myself these questions when I am developing my story, which grows organically. As one act occurs the impact leads to new questions that need answers. I try to keep it straight in my head, by getting inside my characters to understand why they do what they do. This helps me to discover how to find a resolution or not as the story demands.

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