Friday, 10 June 2011

Chasing a Pig

I don’t usually associate work with happy memories but there have been a few occasions when events have conspired to provide a fertile ground for things that should just not happen in any workplace:

Imagine a big board room meeting, all the top brass have flown in from around the globe and half way through the meeting there is a need for us to vacate the room and chase a pig.

Yes you read that right.

A major industrial chemical plant is no place for a baby pig. So there we were, business professionals, booted and suited (some very senior) chasing this pink creature around the fishpond and courtyard.

I was wearing a particularly fetching mauve suit, (power dressing from the Dynasty days for those too young to remember Alexis Carrington) with padded shoulders and fabulous heels, suede trimmed with bows at the ankle. It sounds vaguely weird writing this now but honestly I looked good for the power dressing early 90’s…

Out comes the Chef to join the fray, wielding a meat cleaver, I kid you not… and I wouldn’t have put it passed Andy to butch the little creature and serve it for lunch. And then how would the guy from Sales explain to his girlfriend that their pet pig had escaped from his car while he was working?

Naturally it did beg the question why he had bought the pig to work in the first place but as I recall his actions and a small cute pig did rather liven up a bored board meeting. But it still makes me smile…a classic magic moment.

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