Thursday, 2 June 2011

Magic Moments:

For me a magic moment can be something infinitesimally small, a fairly average to medium or a gargantuan event because size is irrelevant, I feel it is the sense of wonder and awe that should create the magic.

Earlier this week I padded down for breakfast and caught a glimpse of a scarecrow as I passed the mirror! Undeterred, I went to flick the switch to boil the kettle for the required tea to revive my flagging self and then I stopped.

On the patio a thrush was smashing a snail on the hard stone surface, fracturing and splintering the shell to retrieve the juicy morsel hidden inside. Her two thrushlings stood close by watching mums extraordinary skill, learning at her feet literally, but they stayed close, quiet and sat hidden in the undergrowth that is my flower bed and waited to be fed, beak to beak.

I held my breath, did not move a muscle as I watched the early morning floor shop that ended abruptly when a squirrel entered the proceeding. I’ve not seen a squirrel on the patio before, racing along the top of the fence and leaping into a tree yes, but why did it want to join the thrushes? I’ve no idea. Curiosity perhaps?

So what was Magic about your day – today?

Mine was a simple pleasure. Going to the hairdressers can be fraught with an age old dilemma: what will my hair look like once its been cut as I struggle to achieve what I would like and what the hairdresser can glean from my garbled instructions.

Smooth straight hair is impossible as I happen to frequently look like Shirley Temple, however sadly I am not six and ringlets never strike me as a grown up hair do! (In my opinion.)

But I digress because my moment of magic was this: Having my scalp massaged during washing it… Oh I turn into putty, I would consider almost anything if asked whilst having my head massaged. All thoughts and common sense vacate my mind as I succumb and revel in that moment of pure hedonistic bliss.

And in wildest dreams if someone was to massage my feet simultaneously, who knows what would be possible?



  1. The little things: nursing one of my sick foster dogs back to health and seeing a gleam of pleasure in their huge chocolate brown eyes. Um, the head massage comes a close second! :)

  2. Hmmm. Scalp massage. Foot massage. I could do those. I also give great back rubs. Teezy-weezy back at you!

  3. A shoulder massage. That's what does it for me. But oops. Back to reality, today's magic moment was Trainboy telling me his cardboard tube (from birthday wrapping paper) was "versatile". It all went downhill from there when he put it around his groin and said he had a really long willy. Oh dear! LOL.