Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The #smallstone challenge continues

I can’t help but notice that I am at my happiest when the sun shines so the past five days have been a glorious respite this month.

The bleakest month of all is upon us in my opinion yet it seems that we have been extremely lucky with what can only be described as a glorious start to stunning sunny days, and how I just love cold crisp air, perfick!

But I fear that when the frost comes it will devour the softest buds, their outer skin will be burned, and damaged, possibly beyond repair, because they were fooled that Spring was coming early.

These bright light days do not quiver, they are strident and strong, glaring blasting sunlight. And this gorgeous cold crisp dry weather offers mottled winter colours a chance to sing – so some of my #smallstones will reflect this mood, whether it is heightened or lowered.

What a glorious morning so far left for Brighton -5° then in Brighton 45mins later +5° & back home another 45m its 0°

Jan 14th

Twinkling bright a string of light bulbs slung casually from tree trunk to tree trunk in the woods leads to a hidden hinterland

Jan 15th

Deceived by the promise of Spring the acanthus mollis (Bears breeches) lays on the frozen ground as wilted as overcooked cabbage

Jan 16th

Soap suds sit on the waters surface in the bowl, sun light bounces off the bubbles & sparkles brilliantly no rough diamonds here

Jan 17th

My finger is held by a smaller hand, he holds on tight, he will not let me go, not without crying & I can't stand to let go

Jan 18th

Today feels like a small day, the sky is too close, the grey half light too low, the drizzling rain an unwelcome dismal intruder

My pray: The darkest of these mid-winter days is banished, blitzed by the brilliance of a glorious lemon gold winter sun #smallstone

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