Friday, 13 January 2012

Some more #smallstones to contemplate

This #smallstone exercise makes me take time out each day and think about what I see especially when I am out and about driving. This is when I seem to relax without realising that I’m doing it and frees my mind up to play around with the sound of the words. I often use repetitions deliberately, despite the fact it’s a no-no in most writing especially where my novel is concerned, but I do it here simply for the fun of it and because I like the sound an alliteration makes.

Jan 7th

Burbling fountains of water forced up through tarmac gather momentum & run away to join the ever growing roadside streamlets

Jan 8th

My night sky overhead, an intricate map that contains many secrets all of which could be unravelled if I knew how/where to look.

Jan 9th

A low winter sun breaks through dense dove grey clouds, an icy cold stare that reminds me of glacial snow sub-zero & unfeeling

Jan 10th

Against a clear blue sky clouds glide by with graceful ease. I’m reminded they go freely, only in one direction at a given time

Jan 11th

The sun rose in a glory of colour, stretched along the horizon crimson golds & a pink-yellow light streamed in thru’ my window

Jan 12th

Rivulets of rainwater race fast, downhill, to form ever expanding streams that almost converge & meet in the middle of a highway

Jan 13th

The horizon splits in two, menacing black clouds to the east yet to the a west glorious golden setting sun splinters the darkness

Oh... and for added incentive I am limited to 129 characters!

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  1. I really like the imagery of January 9th Kay. Thank you for sharing. I hope you're enjoying the small stones.