Tuesday, 24 January 2012

These #smallstone (‘s) just keep rolling along:

Jan 19th

Hands clasped round my mug of peppermint tea I sip this scented brew & think about events today as I look at a muted lacklustre sky

Jan 20th

A striking crow lands inspects bare braches, selects, sets about the prized twig until it snaps & flies away beak crammed full

Jan 21th

As the dreary winter nights draw out & days gradually grow lighter my heart soars in anticipation of longed for summer evenings

Jan 22nd

Whisper thin translucent twists, spread out across a vast expanse of blue, fine strands twirl as unruly as golden locks of hair

Jan 23rd

A dozen juveniles buzzing between two trees, delightful long-feathered Pied Wagtails frantically chirrup, play chase & wag tails

Jan 24th

The finest mist spray arcs, kicked out from the heels of spinning wheels as tyres surf the tarmac turfing water out of their way

This #smallstone exercise has proved to be huge fun again for me this year and I’m glad that I chose to join in at the last minute because it got me over a dry patch as I’m now feeling more inclined to write again. I've hatched two more short stories... which need a little time to relax before being edited.

So if you like these #smallstones then you will find loads more by many other writers on Twitter by following this hashtag #smallstone and some lodged under #smallstones.

And in case you were wondering about the heavy usage of the ‘ampersand’ in my #smallstones it’s my little cheat to get the most words in, out of 129 characters!

Perhaps next time you'll feel inspired to join us as its good fun.

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