Thursday, 21 June 2012

Childrens Parade

Last weekend, Saturday, there was Children’s day, a celebration day and down in blustery Worthing the local schools held their kid’s parade. Drums were beaten to a great rhythm, voices were raised in song, whistles were blown loudly and in general all the kids in the procession appeared to love dressing up in costumes and carry amazing effigies ably assisted by willing adults. I especially liked the big green Dragon.

The wind blew, the sun shone and the parade snaked its way around the town and bought the traffic to as a standstill as the kids & papier-mâché cartoons were shepherded across the main seafront road into the heart of the pedestrianized shopping street. You’ll have to take my word for it as sadly I don’t take picture these days of other peoples children as it seems to be not the politically correct thing to do.

Later on during the day Worthing hosted a jubilee celebration tea party along the length of the seafront promenade and residents braved the onshore breeze and had tea by the sea. They looked happy enough but it was jolly breezy. The bunting flapped in the breeze. The tablecloths had to be anchored in place with pebbles and baskets.

By the time I left that evening the sea was raging, a thick brown frothy mass, which reminded me that during half term, I took my nieces to the seaside. The wind was blowing a gale force wind that day too.

The foaming mass crashed onto the shoreline. The promenade was almost deserted. Cyclists need not pedal with the wind at their backs; they were ably assisted and blown along.

And my Sarah wanted to take a beach towel with her just incase she could lie on the sand! But as you will see from the photo below, lying down wasn’t possible but we loved every second of out brisk afternoon walk, propelled along to the nearest café for a reviving hot chocolate!


  1. Blimey! And I thought we were having rough weather in the Midlands. Isn't it strange how we enjoy the strangest days.
    I'm sure you'll both recall the blustery day out for years to come. Happy memories.

    1. Hi Maria, it truly was fabulously furious, at times the sea seemed so large that it was about to engulf the land, somehow it felt taller and broader and yet thankfully it stayed exactly where it should. The camera was covered in sea salt, and our hair became glued strands and clumps, all very frustrating but fun. Hope you're well.