Monday, 11 June 2012

Getting back on the hobby horse...

Waving… not drowning in rejection notes.

If you thought I’d been a bit quiet, well quieter than usual lately, you would have been correct in your assumption.

I took a little time out to reflect on which direction I’m headed with my writing. And I’ve come to a conclusion:

I need to change the way I think about my writing and the platforms I submit my work too. Around a month ago I received a rejection note. A critique that took me by surprise and knocked me off my perch. In fact it sent me spinning off my axis a bit. What’s worse is that I didn’t take my own advice on how to survive ‘rejection notes’ which I wrote more than a year ago.

I was caught off guard and I took the harsh rejection note comments, personally. Foolish really, when I come to reflect on the matter.

Luckily I’ve come into land now and realised something important: I have to change the way I react to a ‘harsh critique.’ And moving forward from this incident I have to accept a ‘critique’ however it is delivered is a ‘tool’ and not a teachers report. And it should not matter if it’s been delivered by a grammarian.

Given that I already knew, that what I write, and the writer’s voice I use, will not satisfy all editors or readers. I simply forgot this detail when my enthusiasm and expectation turned sour.

I needed the wake up call because until that email the absolute majority of rejections I had received have been less abrasive, and more amenable to my disposition. This one wasn’t and I ended up asking for help. I approached a couple of writer friends, people whom I trust. These lovely writers came to my aid, reviewed my story and restored my faith in human nature. I am grateful and know that I am extraordinarily lucky to know these people.

I may not be the best writer… yet!

I may not have won any writers’ awards…yet.

But I enjoy writing. I love observing people. I love writing about what makes people tick, what jars and dials up emotions in any type of relationship. So I’ll continue to write and keep the unsympathetic rejection note on a big spike.

Because who knows what’s round the next corner… I mean, not all marriages are made in heaven… who thought Waterstone’s would form an alliance to sell Amazon Kindles!


  1. Ouch! But it sounds like you're back up and at 'em which is great news. And your novel will be all the better for the advice you sought. Who knows where this journey of ours will end up? At least you're enjoying the ride! Best of luck! I have utter faith, you will get there.

  2. Thanx sweetie, especially for your 'utter faith' rofl!

  3. At the end of the day it's only one person's opinion. The question is do you agree with their feedback? If not chalk it up to experience and move on. Keep the faith :-)

  4. Kate apologies I seem to have missed you in the scheme of things - nice to meet you and thank you for following.