Saturday, 2 February 2013

Asking for money for a good cause

I make no apology for promoting my sons half marathon effort this month and in the next fifteen days I will be asking lots of people to donate (any amount they can spare) because I want him to have as much support as possible to promote his chosen charity and cause.

I’m very proud of my son because what you don’t know is that James has suffered. He has Crohns.

It is a nasty disease (one that will live with him for his lifetime) and for most of his twenties he was in a great deal of pain, and I never heard him complain, and he carried on with his life despite spending a great deal of time in hospital and flat on his back recovering after major surgery. He had seven operations in total.

He also had Pilonidal sinus disease and from his late teens until recently he has been subjected to some harsh ordeals, all which he faced with courage and dignity and strength.

He got little acknowledgment of his condition during this time and carried on working full time (as best he could) despite daily appointments with a nurse to pack open wounds. This was a job I could not have done.

After one of his major operations I had to brace myself against the wall, hold on to the end of the bed and the fireplace as the nurse revealed the extent of his wound!

To my surprise the wound looked excellent, clean and clinical, I wasn’t squeamish and I didn’t slide down the wall, (thankfully) but knowing this had to be packed-daily and that it had to heal, from the inside out, made the situation all too apparent that he had a long road to recovery.

The doctors and nurses that cared for him did an amazing job!

Move forward a couple of years and James’ is now running, something his body was not physically capable of doing while he battled this illness and the operations and recovery periods.

And this is why I’m asking for your money… his illness- Crohns is often hidden from view. He is a very private person and I’ve asked his permission to share this knowledge with you before printing.

James needs your support. Anything that you can give will be greatly appreciated and go towards an excellent cause.

If you can spend anything then please join us here on his Givingpage


  1. Hiya
    What amazing courage and determination. You must be very proud of your son, Kay. I will log on immediately and donate to this excellent cause. Hope you're keeping well. Big hug.
    Ange xx

  2. Thank you so much Ange for showing such generosity & yes I’m very proud of him but also incredibly thankful that he seems to be over the worst of this dreadful condition x