Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sharing Poetry...Max Ehrmann

Reforming Oneself
by Max Ehrmann 

It has been raining again. I have been
indoors, meditating on the short-
comings of life.
I wish there were more kindly persons
in the world. Our competitive life
develops selfishness and unkindness.
I am determined to do something about it.
I cannot hope to convert many
persons. To convert one person, I 
shall do well.

I will begin with the person I know best-
When it rains and one is much indoors,
 one is likely to meditate on the
shortcomings of life.

Let me think - how shall I make myself
kind, gentle considerate?
I do believe it has stopped raining.
I can go out now. I'll go and shoot on the archery range.
I'll not bother to reform myself today.
 Perhaps tomorrow - if it is raining,
and I must stay indoors, and meditate
on the shortcomings of life.

All copyright belongs to Max Ehrmann 

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