Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happiness by Max Ehrmann

One of my favourite poems by this poet.

To be without desire is to
be content. But contentment is not
happiness. And in contentment
there is no progress. Happiness is
to desire something, to work
for it, and to obtain at least a part
of it. In the pursuit of
beloved labour the busy days pass
cheerfully employed, and
still nights in peaceful sleep.
For labour born of desire is
not drudgery, but manly play.
Success brings hope, hope
inspires fresh desire, and desire
gives zest to life and joy
to labour. This is true whether your
days be spent in the palaces
of the powerful or in some little
green by-way of the world.
Therefore, while yet you have
the strength, cherish a desire to do
some useful work in your
little corner of the world, and
have the steadfastness to labour.
For this is the way to the
happy life; with health and
endearing ties, it is the way to the
glorious life.

In the run up to World poetry day I thought I would share some of my favourite poems and poets with you- Max Ehrmann was an American writer and poet: Born September 26th 1872 and he died September 9th 1945

His famous prose poem ‘Desiderata’ only became famous in the late ‘60’s after it was adopted by a Pastor as a devotional prayer.

The layout of this poem is exactly as it is published in the book of his poems I've taken this from and naturally all copyright remains with Max Ehrmann.

I particularly love his work because his words seem to transcend time and even though many of his poems were written before and then after World War I, I’m quite sure that not much has changed when it comes to matters of the heart.

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