Monday, 15 April 2013

F1 & writing a cliff hanger

So this weekends F1 took a new turn whilst last weekends explosive situation simmered quietly in the background. But once the race was under way the tension was forgotten, with new strategies in play (much like taking your reader along a new path) the game moved forward.

Vettel started back in 8th place and battled the odds to regain his lost and usual pole position. I have to admire his tenacity.

Sadly for Webber, the gods had it in for him this weekend, and one mechanical failure after another struck his car until finally one wheel actually fell off his racing car while travelling at about 80 miles an hour. Thank goodness his car wasn't travelling at his usual high racing speeds; the potential catastrophe that could have ensued once that wheel span off, would have made the headline evening news.

This nightmare situation got me wondering. The limelight has stiffed away from the two heroes yet I’m certain that the simmering discontent and tensions remain unresolved and haven’t finished unfolding.

And the final run up to the finish and the checkered flag was gripping...shouting at the telly became almost an obligatory requirement depending on who you support, because as a viewer and a supporter, much like any reader, you have your hero to support.

2013 promises some very interesting results this F1 season.

On a personal note I’m so pleased that Lewis Hamilton finished in third place ahead of and held off Vettel and glad that Jensen Button didn't put in too shabby a performance ether by finishing in 5th and Paul Di Resta hung on to 8th.

A good weekend for our British F1 racing drivers who now all drive for different teams, which is probably a good idea in light of Red Bulls’ current media circus!

This weekends F1 performance felt like that great book where the chapter that follows straight on from the cliff hanger introduces new heroes and ignores the crisis, leaving the reader wanting so much more…

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  1. Hi Kay
    I enjoyed reading your post. What a great way to present sport that's on tv! I'm not particularly an F1 fan (except for finding Jenson Button attractive - which is wrong because I could have a son his age) but reading it the way you presented it had me interested!
    Are you going to cover the FA Cup next?
    Ange xx