Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In this virtual world...

Yesterday’s sad news that one of my on-line friends had died got me thinking: How do you tell on-line friends, acquaintances that someone they may have known/knew virtually, has passed away?

Is there an online guide to etiquette?

Do I just jump in and tell other people?

And what happens to that on-line presence where we all work so hard to sell our stories and ourselves to potential readers through our blogs and web sites.

I wondered if anyone had experienced… been left hanging on, waiting for a response that quite naturally can’t continue if someone has passed on.

I’d heard about 'Living Wills' with regard to personal health issues but I had not given any thought to who would control my web page after I've gone... or doesn't it matter?

Will someone be expected/have to pay my on-line web page fees to my host domain site?

Did I leave a hint to the passwords that I've fiercely protected (to keep you site safe) because we are encouraged to do this?

So could someone access my site to leave vital information or update my followers?

In many respects perhaps the answer maybe to consider putting in place a ‘Living Will,’ to deal with the here and the now of how I would like people to find out in the virtual world, rather than leave them wondering what happened to me once I've gone. Or there again perhaps just having that conversation with a loved one, might be the answer.

It’s certainly got me thinking…

If any Twitter guru’s have these answers then please, and if you can/feel you can share…

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