Friday, 3 April 2020

Finding happiness in these troubling times

I've decided to start writing again to try to make sense of how I feel during these worrying times. The Coronavirus has changed all of our lives in a heartbeat and few of us knew it was coming. My lockdown and self-isolation started a little over 20 days ago because I'm a Carer. I can't afford to become ill as there's no one to look after me if I catch this virus.

There are people I am going to miss during this period of isolation, namely my grandchildren. Usually we are close and I am lucky to see them frequently but that stopped abruptly on the 11th after making my decision to self-isolate.

The other night I read my grandson a bedtime story over the phone. It was a first for us and a lovely, fun experience. I read Bringing Down the Moon By Emmett and he had a copy in his room so that he could follow me reading the story, I told to him when to turn each page and then something unusual happened. I ended up helpless, and in fits of laughter. I announced 'the end,' and he hung up the phone! Just like that, no goodnight, no questions, nothing. He's only three but tech savvy which is a worry, they learn so fast and copy their parents.

This bedtime reading session is going to be a necessary connection for me over the coming weeks as the news grows ever more dark and frightening. An escape from reality just for a short period of time.

My granddaughter will be one this Spring and I doubt I will be allowed to meet her to to celebrate her first birthday. Thankfully she won't remember this non-event later in her life but maybe I can adopt the Queen's routine and elect to have an official and an unofficial / public birthday date when this pandemic is deemed to be in remission or finished.

During our last FaceTime call she was trying to climb into the screen, she could see me and wanted to reach out to touch. I wonder if she understands that I am not in the room with her despite her being able to see me and hear me. I will never know. But it struck me that her generation are going to be so tech able because of this need for physical connections via technologic devices during these unprecedented times.

And now while I've been writing this blog post this evening, a text message with an attached video popped onto my screen. My grandson has asked me to read him another bed time story, tonight, I am made up and I know I am very lucky.

My heart goes out to all those grandparents who can't see or contact their grandchildren now for whatever reason during this pandemic.

It's going to be tough to find fun activities away from my grandchildren unless I make a concerted effort to do this by doing something that gives me and them pleasure. And I am going to have to make an accommodation to find time for this new fun activity.

After reading this do one thing. Smile x


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