Saturday, 11 April 2020

One month of #Lockdown

The last time I ventured out was 11th March. I saw my grandchildren.

I've been indoors on #lockdown for one month now.

I'm coping okay and quite surprised that I'm not going stir-crazy yet, probably because I've accepted that I don't have any real choice in this matter other than to hunker down because I don't want to get Covid-19. There's no one to look after me if I get ill and that prospect is a tad scary.

I'm lucky that I have a garden and the weather has been good these past weeks so I'm keeping myself occupied by pottering in the garden. I'm no gardener but now I have planted seeds and the coming weeks are going be interesting. Watering these pots and fighting an imminent slug war might be my new hobby. I'm no gardener, I buy plants from the garden centre usually and plant them. If they survive all good and well. If they don't make it, hey ho, I put it down to experience. So growing from seed is going to be a new experience.

However, I'm going to miss seeing my grandchildren the most. Maya crawled for the first time this past week and I'm sure that by the time I get to see her in person, she will be walking and talking! Charlie and I are close and for now he understands that I can't visit him because of the Virus. My fear is that I may not be able to see either of them for possibly six months.

The way this epidemic is being handled here in the U.K. worries me that I'm going to have to remain in #lockdown for entire six months, and that means I will miss Maya's birthday and may not even make it to Charlie's!

As I post this note I can hear a Woodpecker drumming, it's still outside and calm.


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