Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My First: Anniversary and Birthday

Today is my 1st anniversary of starting my Blog and my 1st birthday celebration for being published! So I have balloons, cake, candles and a glass of bubbly.

When I started my blog a year ago I’d just been published by Etherbooks and knew that if I wanted people to read my stories then I would have to find a way to publicise my writing. And I’d little idea where to begin however I find it quite staggering that I’m still waffling… going strong a year later.

I’m being very candid when I state that I’d absolutely no idea what I was going to write when I started, although I was excited. With two of my short stories published, how would anyone find me on the internet?

The only route I knew was to begin a Blog. But I was nervous.

Taking stock a year on I’m genuinely stunned that I have written more than +136 blog posts, had a further six short stories published, acquired +85 followers for my blog account here @1Lovelife and gathered a massive following of more than three thousand Twitterers on Twitter.

To me this is all still quite astonishing and astounding and from these figures I would like to believe that I must be doing something that people like…

So my second year holds new challenges but I’m not sure what these will be yet although I plan to try to maintain my current status and if possible I’d like to think that I can grow it too. I’ve promised myself that I will complete my novel. I will continue to write my short stories. I will keep submitting my work to new platforms. I will complete novel no 3 as well! So I will keep posting my blog spots. And I will have a Group Anthology to promote in the New Year.

However the biggest and most daunting step is going to be finding an agent or a publisher to express interest in my novel.

I hope there will be lots more good news as 2012 promises to be a year full of exciting events. And more than anything else I’ll continue to share what I find out, whether by promoting other writers books and/or blogs or my own. I will seek out information that has worth and value and spread it, by sharing.

Here’s to 2012

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  1. Congratulations upon your first year of blogging and being published! *hugs*