Tuesday, 15 November 2011

No matter…

‘No matter what you do in life it is absolutely impossible to please everybody, so just do your best and smile.’

I had another 'nice' rejection email which didn’t do much to lift my spirits yesterday but now that I have slept I am pleasantly surprised how different I feel about it this morning, now the suns shines.

At least they had the courtesy to respond and let me know so that I can release this piece to another potential platform.

I find it strange that in this modern era of instant technology that some publishers do not respond after 7 or 8 months - in my business life that would have been a least a disciplinary procedure and probably a ‘sackable’ offence for a repeat offender!

Does it really take that long to make a decision as to whether a publisher likes a piece or not?

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  1. From your post, I got the idea that you only approach one agent and wait for a response. I hope you don't limit your queries to one at a time. No one expects that these days. Send a few and wait a couple weeks. Then examine your query letter and pages to see if they could be improved. Make any changes you think necessary and send a few more. Agents get huge numbers of queries every day. You need luck and timing on your side as well as a good letter and sample. Keep sending it out!