Monday, 27 August 2012

Sex sells! No kidding…

So what is it that E L James has achieved?

Well in my opinion she has achieved that which I desire most…

A Best Selling Blockbuster of a Novel.

Which is Top of the Best sellers chart - both here in the UK and USA and abroad in other countries.

This author now inhabits a new territory alongside other successful women like : J K Rowling & Stephanie Meyer - because love or loathe them, these three incredibly successful women, have achieved herculean successes in a business that is notoriously hard to break into, let alone succeed and out sell all others.

50 Shades of Grey has got women talking...

Women travelling to France by train openly read and talk to each other, as they travel south armed with a holiday read, as this book has acted as an ice breaker.

In airport lounges across the globe young, helpful daughters can probably embarrass their mothers as they announce in clear innocent tones, ‘I’ve found that book you’ve been looking for mummy… 50 Shades...’ As another mother dies a little inside wishing Smith’s didn't have such a large and easily accessible stand, whilst admiring her daughters growing reading ability and confidence.

So what…

As an aspiring novelist I would like to have a similar success!

And the importance of this book can not be over rated. This book has succeeded where others may have experienced far less success. E L James has connected with her readers. Given them what they want, apparently, in these tough economic times, these readers have parted with their hard earned cash.

Whether this book is well written or not seems to be irrelevant to the vast majority of her readers. Many of whom, it appears, do not read that often or frequently or broadly.

Therefore E L James has succeeded where other novelists may have failed; her readers buy her book and read them. How else could they continue to recommend it?

Several of my friends have recommended I read the book. However the furore in the press led me to think that maybe it was a book I could forgo & I would be none the worse off.

The tumult turned into a huge media hype. Mostly it seems aimed at denigrating E L James’ achievements.

I sat down and read 50 Shades of Grey last week.

More about that in my next post…

And have you read it yet, from a commercial perspective?

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