Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sex sells… Part 2

It didn’t take me long to read 50 Shades of Grey. I’m a fast reader. And this is an easy book to read. Definitely a light summer read in my opinion. E L James has successfully window dressed erotica sufficiently for it to be a huge hit in main stream publishing.

This book has apparently made soft porn more acceptable. Especially as the national media has dubbed it ‘mummy porn,’ an oxymoron if ever there was one. Now adopted as a sales pitch!

And perhaps at the end of a hard day being a domestic goddess, when the shirts are ironed and the kitchen floor is washed, then maybe a little light reading can restore the equilibrium of an exhausted mother and restore her energy levels turning her into a bedroom diva?

It seems to me that by leaving out crude or direct terminology and specific sex related words this book has appealed to many more readers.

Women have talked about it openly perhaps more openly than they would normally, to other people outside their usually group of friends.

Also this book has rattled the bars of the established writers who have thrown their hands up in horror, some with good reason. There are aspects of this book that have been heavily debated in other media’s, namely: Grammar and editing, just to name two topics.

Have you read any erotica recently?

I ask this because if you have you will know that there are many more badly written pieces available to read alongside others works that are far superior and excel. I know this because I’ve shared, discussed, some of the ‘how to not to write a sex scene with other writers.’

Many writers find it hard to write sex scenes. Preferring to gloss over the event. Perhaps because their own personal sensibilities come under scrutiny. It can make some writers squirm to share such delicate intimacies.

I’ve read several articles and heard snippets of programmes and various sound bites about this runaway success, ‘50 Shades, trilogy,’ and there has been an almighty fuss.

You see I’m looking at this from a different perspective, literally a different point of view. (As an aspiring novelist) I don’t have daughters to protect. However I do have nieces and I wouldn’t recommend they add this book to their reading lists, until they are old enough.

However the two eldest nieces are discerning readers, they will make their own decisions and not be swayed by advertising, both have very high expectations of their reading material.

Luckily I’m older and wiser. I’ve been round the block. And I believe my views about sex are liberal and liberating and not kinky or perverted. Make of that what you will because again it very much depends which side of the fence you sit to view this topic.

I decided to read ‘50 Shades’ so that I could form my own opinions and not rely on other peoples judgements. There will be no spoilers here as I see little point in giving away the content.

The speed of book sales has been astonishing. I have to admit that I’m envious of E L James achievement!

She has completed her novels which are selling supremely well. She has established a wide readership that appears to be loyal to buying all three books. And these readers have recommended her books to friends, mothers etc. ‘a personal recommendation is often regarded very highly.’

And if I put all the hype to one side and pay attention to the simple fact that she has managed to write a trilogy of books, whilst working full time. I must acknowledge - this is no mean feat. I know I’m battling to write mine.

E L James publicised her original work via a fan fiction platform which ultimately led her to secure her fans, her dedicated following, her readership, a publisher and the success she currently enjoys.

So I have to conclude that building a platform prior to publication can assist and work for an unpublished author!

To top off her remarkable success Hollywood is talking about producing a film… Seemingly her success is unstoppable.

Tomorrow I’ll attempt to tackle the content…

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  1. I have this book on my kindle I am half way through it and have found it a bit boring there's really not much happening apart from sex,what drives me mad is the "oh my" What's all that about? I'm amazed at how many have sold and how it is highlighted in every shop selling books. She's one very clever lady. Good luck with yours.