Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Change in Perspective

Another day, Another chain saw, Another tree falls! And my view of the skyline changes forever. And I’m Not sure how I feel about this drastic alteration yet.

I have always regarded the view from my bedroom window as my own Monet. In the long garden that runs along the back of mine a previous tenant planted three beautiful trees, a variegated Acer, a red Acer and a Copper Beech. At the height of their leafy display these trees are stunning! And I have been privileged to watch them grow into glorious specimens.These three were offset by the large oak at the rear and a gnarled old cherry blossom in the foreground.

Each April was a wondrous time as the pretty pink petals were displayed to best advantage against the twisted bruised bark and a canopy of soft cream edged green leaves unfurled I always caught my breath as I opened the curtains to see a sunrise and catch a glimpse of this scene. It always exhilarates me, however, the cherry tree was cut down last year and the Oak tree removed yesterday!

With that one act or removal I lost my favourite spot to sit in the garden on a spring day with a cuppa and a book. But I have many happy memories of my son climbing, sitting, hiding, playing with his best friend next door. It was the boy’s secret hide out. They would spend hours viewing their domains because the tree neatly sat at the junction of our fences giving both boys equal access.

The chain saws have fiannly stopped. Peace has returned to the neighbourhood.

Perhaps as the spring progresses I will notice the loss of the magnificent Oak but then again maybe I will gain more light.

My life has changed incrementally over the past twenty five years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t go back and changes things but I can write different versions of a story and watch my characters as they change when life throws an unexpected event in their path.

In my book, the opening chapter finds Alicia having to deal with the events directly after a car crash. She has to come clean, tell the truth and face the consequences. I could have strung it out over a longer time period but I was impatient to get to the heart of the matter, take my reader to the dilemma that the character faces. How she handles telling her husband the truth is one version of an event. I could have played around with other arrangements but for now, I’m happy with my opening. Of course things may change with time, once it’s in front of an Editor or prospective publisher.

Perhaps I will be patient, wait and see what the spring brings.

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