Friday, 4 February 2011

Acts of Kindness - Scatter Liberally

Start with yourself. Think kind thoughts and leave negativity behind.

Then spread 'Kindness' liberally to others.

What have you to lose?

When I am driving I aim to be very observant. If I see a mother and children at the side of the road waiting to cross I make every effort to stop and let them pass. It may not seem like much but I have to say that I usually get a big thank you, and a smile and a wave from unaccompanied kids, even spotty teenagers! Perhaps because I've seen them and acknowledged their need was greater than mine because I’m safely ensconced in a nice warm car, whilst they battle the elements.

I try to be observant all the time, I see things that other people can miss and then maybe I'll capture them and write my observations down. These observations can often find their way into my characters. And I love to overhear conversations, because I'm struck by how candid people can be in public.

I know that Tom, my leading man, is distant but he didn’t set out to get this way. However, his work demands most of his energy and it becomes all engrossing, in the race to win the prize, the promotion, the good salary and the accolade but sadly his family life got left behind. 'Kindeness' doesn't feature in the race to succeed. He's not a bad man, nor did he set out to be a bad father, he's just streched to the limit. And then when he turns round the kids have grown and there’s a danger the boys have become strangers. Or is this an over simplification?

Often adults are incredibly busy and engrossed in the business of their own lives, especially when work dominates and the kids appear to get overlooked, yet I am certain this is never an intentional act. Of course this will not reflect all men, but there are many who fight hard to get on, to do the right thing, provide a good lifestyle for their families and sometimes miss what’s right in front of them, the moment.

What simple 'Act of Kindness' could you share today?

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