Thursday, 24 February 2011

Energy Vampire?

I would like to put my hand on heart & say that: ‘I don’t have an addictive personality,’ but then I met Twitter!

Oh YIKES!! *collapses laughing* - what the hell happened to me?

In no time at all I got absolutely hooked. On the downside Twitter is a huge distraction, far more demanding and worse than Facebook or LinkedIn! It can, if allowed consume vast chunks of my time and energy and it distracts me from my major projects.

However there is an upside to Twitter, it’s simple: Twitter connects like minded people across a broad spectrum of interests so maybe it’s will be worth the investment of my time and energy as time spent making connections may provide future alliances.

Already I’ve met some amazing people and it has been fun exploring this new social interface.

Finding the balance is key, to make this medium work for me and so that I do not lose too much valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere, yet it is important for me to find my feet in this new social media and I’m glad I’ve been able to dabble here because it is fun. So I lost a bit of time. I can make it up another day – can’t I?

If anyone has tricks or tips to share that make using Twitter more efficient I’d love to hear them – feel free to leave a comment it will be greatly appreciated.


  1. As you can probably see from my regularity on twitter, I share your addiction. I've had to limit my time on it and e-mail. Half an hour in the morning, 10 minute catch up at mid-day and half-an-hour in the evening. That way the day doesn't slip away from me. A bit obsessive I know but I'm finding living my life in half hour chunks works for me and my shoulders don't get sore.

  2. Obviously the great attraction of Twitter is the attractive, interesting and compelling people that you get to meet; where else could you meet such fascinating people.


    Seriously, the thing about Twitter is that it truly is a 'social network' - that's all it sets out to be, and really all it is (except for the celebs who use it merely as an extension to their fan clubs!)

    Facebook could never be just a social network; there are too many distractions like games, etc. for that. Not only that, you're expected to interact with your existing friends, your family, and possibly even (god forbid,) your parents.

    Someone once said that Twitter is like a cocktail party, where Facebook is like a school reunion, or that Facebook is where you meet the people you went to school with, and Twitter is where you meet the people you wish you went to school with.