Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Baby's Laughter (gives me the greatest Joy)

There is one sound guaranteed to stop me in my tracks and make me smile and that’s when I hear a baby laugh.

Happy babies are very special, they give out a radiance that many of us can’t possibly emulate because we have been through the mill of life (terrible cliché I know) but stick with me for now.

Nothing brings me more happiness than listening to a tot play a range of raucous noises from burbling to gargling and then shouting to screaming as the child realises that it has control over sound and pitch and volume and as their tiny voice grows into something quite extraordinary.

There is an innocence, a prefect delight in hearing this laughter and I have to look and watch as any small child plays its vocal chords.

Four laughing babies:

I believe if I could bottle the essence of that sound, innocence: ‘A Baby’s laugh’ and sell it, then I’m sure Id’ make a fortune.

Next time you hear a baby laugh, pause and enjoy the moment.

Cherish that clarity of sound and lock it away for future memory to draw on in a moment of need.


  1. Got a bit too excited here (third para, from thier…)?

  2. babies are blessings we have to be thankful for