Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sharing Lunch:

Last night I met a lovely lady from Twitter at a Book launch and she paid me a huge compliment and told me how much she liked reading my blog so today I’m sharing my lunch with you.

My niece came over for lunch and we decided that Pasta & Risotto were off the menu on such a perfect Spring day, seamless blue sky, the cherry blossom a softest palest pink cotton candy, with table laid on the patio we would listen to sweet birds sing and background songs on the radio.

The Fajita box sell by date: Jan 2009! Oops, but what the heck we fancied spicing up our menu and cooked together. I did the preparation and clearing up and she cooks, so teamwork abounds.

It might be wise to mention that on occasion my coordination skills drift and fail me! And much to my nieces' surprise watching her aunt eat Fajita’s was probably best done in private and alone.

She had utilised all the SPICES, OMG, as my poorly wrapped Fajita dribbled its contents through my tightly clasped fingers, as my sinuses cleared better than any cold remedy I’ve ever taken, and my eyes watered so that I could barely see then I started to laugh at my own predicament. Not smart!

Eating became a struggle as the Fajita fell apart, missed my mouth, and the plate and hit the pristine white table cloth, spoiling it! As the spices caught the back of my throat I begin to giggle, not clever, then I start choking, and snorting - at best an unattractive noise.

I didn’t know what to do next, drop the Fajita? Blow my nose? Lick my fingers?

My elegant dining companion eyed me up over her sunglasses and coolly: ‘there’s an art to folding a Fajita!’ Now she tells me, in an imperious tone, if she was attempting to calm my giggles, it didn’t work.

Oh heck, did I provoke disapproval or maybe she’s just amused by my cack-handed eating habits? To think I taught this child to slurp soup! An act I'm not still not forgiven for yet by her parents…

For those of you who know me will understand that a swift change of costume was required after this fiasco of a meal and all I can say is thank goodness I didn’t choose to do this in a cafĂ© with waiters and fellow diners.

So what did I learn today? I shall never eat Fajita’s in public, but hell I’m gonna crack how to fold a Fajita!


  1. Wonderful! I pictured it perfectly. Would love to have been there...but then again!! You should see me eat spagetti bolognaise! : P"""
    (That's me dribbling!) xx

  2. I absolutely loved this. The description of the experience of a first time eating fajita's is brilliant! Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm now smiling.