Tuesday, 8 March 2011

If Life hands you Lemons…make Pancakes!

Shrove Tuesday is Pancake Day here but in my house it can be Pancake Day any day of the week because I love them!

Pancakes are quick, simple to make and as I love teaching kids to cook, they are ideal for a bit of fun but often when I start with pancakes: I’m frequently met with cries of, ‘I can’t do that, I don’t know how to toss a pancake.’

‘It’s easy,’ I reassure them and this is my trick. I set them an impossible but intersting task: I encourage every child to aim for the ceiling. I promise each child that if they can stick their pancake to my kitchen ceiling they will win a prize.

To date no prize has been awarded or claimed but I’m still hopeful of giving it, one day.

And you should see how wide they smile when that pancakes flips over and lands back in the pan, even if it scrunches up. They grow inches in stature within seconds and failure ceases to be an option.

What’s even more amusing is as that each pancake that misses the pan and lands on the floor is never discarded. I’ve never seen a child hesitate in retrieving the dropped pancake and put it straight back in the pan and continue flipping it, spoiled or not!

Anyway a little bit of dirt …


  1. Pancakes are on MY menu this morning! I haven't tried the "hit the ceiling" thing, but maybe today's the day. :)


  2. quite true, "never see a child hasten to collect dropped pancake". Each year I'm reminded just how good they are.