Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Book Review: ‘Long Time Coming by Robert Goddard’

This story has a lovely pace to it and draws the reader in taking the reader on journey that covers a complicated plot, to untangle a web of deceit set against a convincing backdrop of London, Dublin and Antwerp during the 1940’s and 1976.

Goddard cares about his characters and carefully embroiders detailed persona for: Eldritch Swan and his nephew, Stephen Swan (who never knew his uncle existed until now). Together they avoid an elusive enemy as they unravel a plot that sets fake Picasso and Irish politics and murder during troubled times.

The plot is convoluted but as a thriller Goddard excels at getting the historical feel right and war time Antwerp seems the most unfriendly place to be, a place to escape from urgently! And he adds an element of romance for young Stephen.

A cracking good read and must be highly recommended!

I won a prize today, Random House posted me a copy of Robert Goddards latest book: ‘Blood Count, so that was lovely and I thought it would be good practice to share my review with others to show my appreciation.

It’s surprising that winning a competition can make me feel joyous, well it did for me.

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